10 Hair Myths Debunked. Part I

10 Hair Myths Debunked

How many times have you heard that colouring your hair makes it fall and look burnt? Curious if is true or false? Here are the most common myths about hair and the truth about them.

  1. Colouring your hair makes it fall and look burnt

False. The new formulas for the dyes are no longer as bad as they once were. Some contain vitamins and essential oils that care for your hair. If you use professional dye and use it at longer intervals (once every one month and a half), your hair will not be in any way affected.

  1. Stress causes hair loss

True. Stress can affect the nourishment, growth or hair regeneration. During periods of stress, more hair falls, nonetheless the hair always recovers. Hair loss due to stress is temporary.

Keep in mind: Stress may cause hair to go into the resting phase and hair loss will increase. Some argue that losing hair is what causes stress in the first instance. It needs to be pointed out that evidence implies that stress is unlikely to play a major role in causing hair loss, but stressful life events may act as a trigger for starting and/or making hair loss worse. What is the solution to this extra strain? Consider meditation, yoga and just taking the time to breathe more slowly and deeply to reduce stress-see Nutrigro® plan. Enjoy today!

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  1. If you pluck a white hair, two will grow in its place

False. It’s just a superstition, and it’s a bad habit. By pulling your hair, you damage the root and you’ll be predisposed to scalp infections. Pulling your hair will definitely not lead to thicker hair.

  1. Cut your hair when the moon is full and your hair will grow quickly

False. During a full moon, blood circulation is more intense, the root of the hair is better nourished and oxygenated, and hair grows faster. But it grows faster at this phase of the month, no matter if you trim it or not.

  1. Smoking cause premature hair greying

True. Although the hereditary factor plays an important role in this process, studies have shown that the risk of premature hair greying is four times higher in smokers. Grey hair is formed when the melanocytes in the hair follicles stop producing melanin (pigment), usually triggered by hereditary encoding as we age. Studies show that prolonged illness, periods of stress, and some medical interactions can cause the melanocytes to stop producing melanin. As smoking add stress to the body and contribute to premature ageing, it can also be responsible for causing grey hair and hair loss.

  1. Cold water makes the hair shiny

False. Cold water closes the cuticles and the hair will be easier to style, but it does not make it shine. Adding lemon juice or vinegar in the water and rinsing your hair will give this effect. Using a professional natural conditioner or an oil hair will give you the same result.

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  1. Some shampoos will cause dandruff

False. Dandruff is the result of a fungus and has no connection with the shampoo. A dehydrated scalp shouldn’t be confused with dandruff. The difference is that the dandruff is seen on the hair and is in large quantity, falling on your shoulders and clothes while the peels due to dehydrations stand on the scalp. A peeling scalp can be treated with proper hydration and appropriate treatment for your hair type.

  1. More shampoo means cleaner hair

False. The amount of shampoo required is as much as you can hold in the palm of your hand (no more than a tablespoon) and for the long hair a little more. To clean it well, it’s important to shampoo your hair twice.

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  1. Hair falls because you always straighten it

False. Heat damages burns or dries the hair, which sometimes leads to hair loss, but the lost threads will be quickly replaced by others that will come out of the same root. When the hair falls massively, the cause is not your styling devices, it can be of a hormonal nature, a health problem or a nutritional deficiency.

  1. Brushing your hair will make it beautiful. One of the most popular hair myths

False. Somewhere along the way, people said that brushing your hair 100 strokes a day would keep it healthy and growing long. The truth is excessive brushing damages your hair.  Watch out for synthetic or electric brushes that can break or damage your hair faster than you might think and brushing your hair constantly with them can really damage your locks. Better use a wooden rare tooth comb and pay attention how you brush your hair. If you’re brushing it too often and too aggressively, your hair will be far from beautiful.