10 Hair Myths Debunked. Part II

Expert DOs to help with hair loss

Ever wonder which of the hair myths are really true and which are not? This time we have chosen 10 and exposed the reality of our most common mistakes regarding hair care.

1. Stress causes hair loss
True. Stress can affect the nourishment, growth or hair restoration. During periods of stress, the hair falls more, but, after regaining the psychic comfort, the hair recovers. Keep in mind that hair loss due to stress is temporary.

2. If you pluck a white hair, two will grow in its place
False. It’s just a superstition, and it’s a bad habit. By plucking your hair, you damage the root and predispose the scalp to infections. So spread the word around – plucking the hair won’t make it grow back thicker, on the contrary, you will only cause damage to the scalp.

3. Smoking leads to white hair
True. Although the hereditary factors play an important role in this process, studies have shown that the risk of premature greying of hair is four times higher for the smokers. The toxins accumulated in the body because of smoking also contribute to hair loss.

4. Cold water makes the hair shinier
False. Cold water closes the cuticles and the hair will be more orderly, straight and easier to style, but it does not make it shine. Lemon juice or vinegar added in water to rinse it has this effect.

5. Some shampoos cause dandruff

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False. Dandruff is given by a fungus and has no connection with the shampoo you are using. Also, do not mistake the white flakes as a result of a drying scalp (those small and white peelings) with dandruff. The difference is that dandruff is seen on the hair and is in a large quantity, and the scales are on the scalp. The dried skin of the scalp can be treated with proper hydration and appropriate treatment for your type of hair.

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6. Excessive washing leads to hair loss
False. Although dermatologists recommend to wash it two times a week, you can do it whenever needed. Scalp cleansing does not lead to hair loss or drying, just an excess of sebum due to excessive rubbing.

7. More shampoo means a cleaner hair
False. The amount of shampoo needed to wash your hair is the size of a raspberry. You can use any kind of shampoo you want, as long as it is for your type of hair ( normal, oily, dry) but choose a good quality one as these are better for your hair. Wet your hair well before applying the shampoo, rinse out, then (ideally) apply a natural conditioner and rinse that out too.

8. Hair falls because you always straighten it 
False. Heat damages burns or dries the hair, which sometimes leads to hair loss, but the hair you have lost will be quickly replaced. When the hair falls massively, the cause is not your styling devices. Try looking into a hormonal imbalance, a nutritional deficiency or a hereditary cause.

9. Conditioner restores the split ends
False. No product fixes split ends. The conditioner smoothes the cuticle of the hair and the split ends won’t look so splintered. It’s best to care for your hair daily in order to prevent split ends than try to fix the problem afterward. The quickest solutions to split ends it’s a trip to your hairdresser for a trim and a hydrating treatment.

10. Cut the hair regularly and it grows faster
False. The hair is thicker towards the ends than at the root – that’s why it looks thicker when it’s short. Hair cutting does not influence the growth or change the texture of the hair, but it keeps it healthy and the ends are smooth.