5 Foods To Help With Hair Loss

5 Foods To Help With Hair Loss

Is it not one of the most frustrating situations that you can deal with? Hair is one major part of our lives and the way it looks will make us feel like a star or bring our morale to the grounds. The worst part about hair loss? It seems to have its own will against everything you throw at it. However, changing diet will have surprising effects. Including these 5 foods in your daily meals will also help you in keeping your hair strong and shiny.  


According to research conducted by Seoul National University College of Medicine, Korea, women with hair loss have significantly lower iron and vitamin D2 levels. Regular consumption of spinach helps with healthy hair growth as spinach is a superfood comprising of vitamins B, C and E, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium and omega-3 fatty acids – all ingredients required for healthy, strong hair. Eat spinach with boiled eggs that are rich in vitamin D and you will keep your body balanced and your hair healthy too.


Adding almonds ( soaked and peeled) to your diet is always a smart choice. Almonds and walnuts are rich in omega 3s and omega 6s and can actually enhance hair growth. According to a study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, 90 percent of women who were given omega 3s and omega 6s supplements for six months, reported a reduction in hair loss and improvement in hair growth.

Indian gooseberry

In case you did not know, the amla ( Indian gooseberry) fruit has much more vitamin C than an orange. And vitamin C is a key factor in restoring lost hair or stop hair thinning.  Amla is a rich source of vitamins and nutrients that you can use for optimal hair growth.


Packed with protein, iron, zinc and folic acid. Lentils can improve the health of red blood cells and step up the flow of oxygen to the scalp and skin resulting in shiny lustrous hair.  As iron and folic acid are essential for hair growth extra head massages will relax you and will also be beneficial for the scalp, improving circulation.


You probably heard before how carrots are good for your eyes and weight loss but did you know they work as well for hair loss?  Here is how: deficiency of vitamin A in your body leads to hair loss. Carrots are with vitamin A, which also plays a big role in stimulating healthy sebum production. How about that carrot juice? Daily consumption of carrots can add thickness to your hair and make it grow faster.

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