How To Find Out The Cause Of Your Hair Loss

How To Find Out The Cause Of Your Hair Loss

Why is hair loss and hair thinning prevalent in 3 out of 4 men and 3 out of 5 women sometime in their lifetimes? On average 100 hairs are lost daily – so do not worry if it is less than this!

There can be various reasons for hair loss: genetics, nutrition, infection, hormonal, drugs, hair products and lifestyle could be certain causes but how do you figure out what is your cause and what can you do about it?

How to do find your Hair Loss Cause(s)

Rule out the basic causes – medication or infection could be troubling you – if so speak to your doctor. Otherwise, follow what we call the NUTRIGRO Hair Plan. Professor Romesh Gupta OBE from Lancaster University calls it “a revolutionary natural plan to keep your hair for longer”.How To Find Out The Cause Of Your Hair Loss

N – utrition. With our busy lives, it is possible to miss out on essential protein vitamins and minerals. How would you know if this is the case? Try some hair protein, vitamin and mineral capsules such as Nutrigro capsules and see if they make a difference. Ayurvedic research shows that ‘cooling’ foods such as salad, yoghurts and fruits help. This is based on the theory that an imbalance in Pitta or heat energy is imbalanced in the scalp.

U – se non-harsh chemical, no Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, no artificial dyes or artificial colours hair products as normal hair products may be causing a reaction.

T – raining. Make sure you do physical and breathing exercises daily to increase blood circulation and hence nutrients to the hair follicles. Yoga and exercises that specifically help the scalp and hair are in the book, Hair Today…Hair Tomorrow.

R – outinely remove toxins. Massage your scalp daily to improve circulation and remove toxins.

I – magine yourself enjoying great hair and a healthy scalp. A positive self-image can help a positive outcome. Everything happens twice in life – first in the mind than in reality. Imagining the hair you want can play a part in trying to realize that goal. Cut out the hair you would want and place it on a picture of yourself. Let nature work on your goal.

GRO – wth of existing hair and a healthy scalp can be achieved in this way.

If your hair is falling off easily try the new Red LED scalp roller treatment. This is simply a plastic device you roll on the scalp to cause microchannels allowing ingredients to hold the hair more strongly to the follicle, the ‘live’ part from which the hair grows. It causes collagen and elastin to be made to strengthen the follicle further. More details.Nutrigro Scalp Roller Kit for Thinning Hair

Video ‘How the Nutrigro Plan works – click here. To read The Nutrigro Plan:  HAIR TODAY … HAIR TOMORROW BOOK.

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