7 lifestyle changes to reduce hair fall

Hair fall may be a traumatic experience! While losing up to 100 hair a day is normal, if you are exceeding this range – you need to take a close look at your daily lifestyle. Here are seven things that might be the major reasons behind your thinning locks!

1. Shampoo

shampoo, conditioner and serum set
The formulation we recommend to use for hair that is thinning and fragile is in Nutrigro® Conditioner. It contains a natural emollient and hair building substances, an anti-fungal and bactericidal with our Nutrigro® complex – an herbal mixture to strengthen hair.

First and foremost, it is really important to choose the right shampoo. Moreover, you need to wash your hair depending on your scalp. For instance, over washing hair with dry scalp can lead to hair fall, or not washing oily locks thrice a week can lead to the same.
Further, make sure the shampoo is not loaded with chemicals including sulphate, paraben, and silicone that can make your tresses brittle and hence, prone to breakage.
In the Nutrigro product range, you could find a shampoo that respect your hair and which are suitable for your hair.
– Nutrigro Shampoo for Dry Hair
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2. Conditioner

A good conditioner can work wonders for your locks. It contains amino acids that help to repair damaged hair, and also helps to keep them smooth.
Coolherbals Ltd also offers the Nutrigro Hair Conditioner which will be able to help your hair loss. This product contains especially Fenugreek which has been traditionally used for promoting healthy hair growth.

3. Diet and Exercise

No matter what product you are using, nothing can prove its worth if you are not eating a balanced diet and exercising side by side. Make sure to include lots of protein and iron in your daily intake. And yes, crash diets can be the nemesis for your hair.
Coming to exercise, yoga and meditation are great options to reduce hair fall.

4. Chemical Treatments

Undergoing rigorous chemical treatments like straightening, perming, colouring, etc, obviously, bombard your hair with chemicals and is not kind on them. Further avoid using blow dryers, curling rods, especially on wet hair as they actually boil the water in your hair shaft and make them brittle.

If you really need to use a blow dry, then keep it on the lowest heat setting. If using other products that heat your hair, start with a fortifying leave-in conditioner and finish with a protective spray.

It is at this time that the Nutrigro serum could help you. Indeed Nutrigro Hair Serum is designed to be used daily on the scalp. Scientifically formulated, it contains botanical complexes, which keep the hair rigid and break resistant and help to clear the build-up of dead cells around the follicles allowing growth of existing hair. The formulation is rich in vitamins and minerals to help maintain the growth of existing hair.

5. Oiling

Kapha hair OilNeedless to say, oiling improves blood circulation and nourish the roots. Make sure to massage your tresses once a week with oil that suits your scalp. Cover it with a shower cap and wash it off with a mild shampoo after two hours.
Coolherbals offers two different oils which could help you :
– The Coolherbals Vata Oil nourishes hair and skin. The combination of Sesame, Bhringaraj and Rosemary oil keeps hair and skin moisturized. Suitable for dry hair.
– Coolherbals Pitta Oil cooling the body and scalp. It is particularly useful in thinning hair, hair falling or greasy hair. It contains Sandalwood, Coconut, Sunflower and Bhringaraj oils. Suitable for greasy hair.
Or you could use also Coolherbals Spa Hair Masque. Indeed it contains mineral-rich Gopichand Clay in a marine extract base Its use will allow you to nourish and repair your hair.

6. Get Regular Trims
Hair tends to be the most damaged near the tips, and a good trim in every six to eight weeks can help solve your woes. Damaged hair has straw-like texture, and can be chopped off to promote growth and remove split ends.

7. Stress
Stress is one of the root causes of a lot of health problems, including hair loss. It can also disrupt the process of hair growth and lead to premature graying. Again, meditation and yoga on regular basis can prove to be a good stress buster.
To fight the stress we advise you the ayurvedic massages. If you do not know this method you have the possibility to obtain all the information you need in the book “Secret of how to do Ayurvedic massages head to toe” by Ravi & Sushma Bhanot.

10 Hair Myths Debunked. Part II

Expert DOs to help with hair loss

Ever wonder which of the hair myths are really true and which are not? This time we have chosen 10 and exposed the reality of our most common mistakes regarding hair care.

1. Stress causes hair loss
True. Stress can affect the nourishment, growth or hair restoration. During periods of stress, the hair falls more, but, after regaining the psychic comfort, the hair recovers. Keep in mind that hair loss due to stress is temporary.

2. If you pluck a white hair, two will grow in its place
False. It’s just a superstition, and it’s a bad habit. By plucking your hair, you damage the root and predispose the scalp to infections. So spread the word around – plucking the hair won’t make it grow back thicker, on the contrary, you will only cause damage to the scalp.

3. Smoking leads to white hair
True. Although the hereditary factors play an important role in this process, studies have shown that the risk of premature greying of hair is four times higher for the smokers. The toxins accumulated in the body because of smoking also contribute to hair loss.

4. Cold water makes the hair shinier
False. Cold water closes the cuticles and the hair will be more orderly, straight and easier to style, but it does not make it shine. Lemon juice or vinegar added in water to rinse it has this effect.

5. Some shampoos cause dandruff

shampoo, conditioner and serum set
The formulation we recommend to use for hair that is thinning and fragile is in Nutrigro® Conditioner. It contains a natural emollient and hair building substances, an anti-fungal and bactericidal with our Nutrigro® complex – an herbal mixture to strengthen hair.

False. Dandruff is given by a fungus and has no connection with the shampoo you are using. Also, do not mistake the white flakes as a result of a drying scalp (those small and white peelings) with dandruff. The difference is that dandruff is seen on the hair and is in a large quantity, and the scales are on the scalp. The dried skin of the scalp can be treated with proper hydration and appropriate treatment for your type of hair.

Check out Nutrigro Natural Dry Hair Shampoo and Conditioner here.

6. Excessive washing leads to hair loss
False. Although dermatologists recommend to wash it two times a week, you can do it whenever needed. Scalp cleansing does not lead to hair loss or drying, just an excess of sebum due to excessive rubbing.

7. More shampoo means a cleaner hair
False. The amount of shampoo needed to wash your hair is the size of a raspberry. You can use any kind of shampoo you want, as long as it is for your type of hair ( normal, oily, dry) but choose a good quality one as these are better for your hair. Wet your hair well before applying the shampoo, rinse out, then (ideally) apply a natural conditioner and rinse that out too.

8. Hair falls because you always straighten it 
False. Heat damages burns or dries the hair, which sometimes leads to hair loss, but the hair you have lost will be quickly replaced. When the hair falls massively, the cause is not your styling devices. Try looking into a hormonal imbalance, a nutritional deficiency or a hereditary cause.

9. Conditioner restores the split ends
False. No product fixes split ends. The conditioner smoothes the cuticle of the hair and the split ends won’t look so splintered. It’s best to care for your hair daily in order to prevent split ends than try to fix the problem afterward. The quickest solutions to split ends it’s a trip to your hairdresser for a trim and a hydrating treatment.

10. Cut the hair regularly and it grows faster
False. The hair is thicker towards the ends than at the root – that’s why it looks thicker when it’s short. Hair cutting does not influence the growth or change the texture of the hair, but it keeps it healthy and the ends are smooth.


August is Hair Loss Awareness Month

August is Hair Loss Awareness Month

Usually caused by age, hormones, health problems or genetics, hair loss can be distressing, whatever your age. In women more than men, hair loss is one factor that can take its toll on our day to day life. Below we gather a list of the most common causes of hair loss and the solutions you have at hand to treat and improve your condition.

Common reasons for hair loss:

  1. Emotional stress

Any psychological trauma resulting from a road accident, surgery, severe illness, fear of ageing, divorce, the death of a close person, job loss, or even a trivial cold that spans over a long period of time can lead to the temporary fall of hair.  This is due to the fact that hair’s life cycle is distorted and no longer respects the normal rhythm of “growth, rest, regeneration.”

The good news is that once you get rid of that negative emotional state of mind, your hair reverts to normal and hair loss will stop.

  1. Too much vitamin A

Yes, it’s true. Too much vitamin A may be the cause for your hair loss. The daily amount of vitamin A is 5,000 IU for adults, but when we self-administer Vitamin A dietary supplements it is possible to face this unpleasant side effect.

The simplest way to see if this is really the reason is to give up for a while vitamin A supplements and see how the hair reacts to this change.

  1. Too few proteins

When the body does not get enough protein, the hair growth process is slowed down and regeneration is also blocked. Therefore, do include in your diet plenty of foods rich in proteins like eggs, meat or fish.

Female Hair Loss Food Plus
The Nutrigro® Hair Food Plus Capsules help maintain healthy existing hair growth & follicular health for women over 35 years of age.

To protect your hair and maintain it healthy you can add a hair food supplement to your daily meals. Try a natural product such as Nutrigro® Hair Food Plus Capsules, containing Ostrogen-rich Soya Extracts, Marine Protein Extract, Vitamins and Minerals, all in a vegetarian capsule.

  1. Genetic heritage

Genes may also be a reason, especially if you know that you have family members that had such problems.  Do not despair, however, because there are many treatments for hair strengthening and hair regeneration.

Start reading the studies about hair loss and gathering information (check out the Nutrigro offer for a FREE eBook on Hair Loss), read the recommendations about hair loss products and choose the best solution for your problem.

  1. The hormonal imbalance

Just as pregnancy can change the level of hormones in the body, the same can happen when you take inappropriate contraceptives, which can overcome your androgenic hormones, responsible for baldness in men.  Therefore, it is very important to consult the gynaecologist before taking the pills, because only a detailed anamnesis can definitely determine what type of contraceptive is best for you.

  1. Iron deficiency

Almost one in 10 women aged 20-49 suffers from anaemia due to an acute lack of iron in the body and as studies show, most ladies do not even know this fact. Iron deficiency is a common cause of hair loss and to find out for sure whether this is the cause of your hair loss problem, it is necessary to perform a series of blood tests that can determine the level of iron in your blood.

What to do if there is an affirmative answer? Nothing simpler: take some iron supplements over a period of time indicated by your GP and keep a rich diet in minerals (apple, poultry liver, spinach, egg yolk, etc.).

  1. A lazy thyroid

Specifically, hypothyroidism may also be a common cause of hair loss because there are not enough hormones produced to help metabolism and thus hair suffers. Drug treatment can be of great help in this situation, restoring normal hormonal levels.

Talk to your GP and take the necessary steps to ensure hypothyroidism is treated in time.

  1. Losing weight too fast

Many ladies are choosing to lose weight fast, encouraged by numerous wonder diets advertised on social media or TV, and this can dramatically affect their bodies. A drastic diet deprives the body of vitamins and minerals required to function normally, making you lose not only the unwanted kilograms but also your hair. The bad news is that it will take at least 6 months for your hair to recover from this trauma while the body rebuilds its stock of nutrients lost as a result of the chaotic diet.

Do not despair! Slimming can be successfully achieved through a balanced diet without renouncing your favourite meals. To find out how, please visit nutrigro.co.uk and see the Nutrigro Plan.

Hair Loss Capsules for Women
Nutrigro provides a unique approach to keeping hair healthy for longer. The natural ingredients in the Nutrigro Capsules looks after the nutritional and hormonal causes of hair loss.
  1. Polycystic ovary syndrome

If this is the case, expect an increase in the level of androgens in your body, which may predispose you to weight gain, increasing the risk of diabetes, menstrual disorders, infertility, and the problem that make us go crazy – the excessive hair loss.

The solution to such a thorny problem is a long-term treatment that includes changes in diet, daily exercise, contraception, and medications that reduce the risk of infertility and diabetes.

For a free advice on how you can live a balanced life and have a balanced diet email us at info@coolherbals.com.